How to Get Better Gas Mileage – 7 Tips

Wouldn’t it be great to save money at the pumps, stop spending so much on gas and get better gas mileage? Well, here are some help to do just that, with seven helpful tips.

1) Use the Internet to save on gas plus to learn better about how to get better gas mileage. Simply type in key phrases like, “get better gas mileage” in top search engines like Google or Yahoo. Then surf a variety of sites that turn up in your results, printing out lists for handy reference, book-marking popular sites to come back to for more info later, etc.

You can also find helpful sites like that helps you find the cheapest gas prices in your area. Just type in your zip code, and voila! Locations with pricing info and even map links show up in a click. Use, save and share with your friends, family, coworkers and others.

2) Discount coupons, programs and incentives can also help stretch your fuel costs and mileage. Look for coupons with discounts on gas and for credit card applications that have awards points and refund dollars you can use towards gas. Search for these online, too, at well-known gas stations across the world. And search in local establishments, classified ads and other discount sections of media.

3) Have your car tuned up regularly and your tires rotated and filled with air. The better your vehicle runs, the better your gas mileage.

4) Follow the driving laws. In short, stop speeding and start increasing your fuel mileage. Jack-rabbit starts, riding the break and other unconventional driving means will decrease your gas mileage. Take a refresher driving course, if you can, and relearn some valuable skills.

5) Stop using your air conditioning and when you do think it’s a must, use it sparingly. Cool your car down, for example, then shut off the air, leaving your windows rolled up still and letting the air remain cool as long as possible. Then turn it back on when needed for short sorts of time like this.

6) Only drive your vehicle with the necessary items inside. In other words, empty your trunk of all golf clubs, boxes of junk and other paraphernalia. The more you carry, the worse your gas mileage. So lighten up.

7) Team up and either commute or car pool with others, or use alternative traveling means like take a bus, taxi, bike or walk. You could also trade your vehicle in for one that boasts better gas mileage.